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03. Rent your house the the Tampa Bay Area

Now is the optimum time to purchase Florida homes as rental properties. Housing prices are way down at this time due to the economy fluctuations while the cost of renting a home has accelerated. Now is the perfect time to purchase a Florida rental property at a great low price. Earn money immediately off of your new rental property.

Becoming a landlord has never been easier. Landlords make money by renting out properties. Landlords do not have to put out a lot of money to make initial property investments and they can immediately begin renting the property out to renters.

If you are looking to purchase an investment home for renting purposes first consider the amount that you are looking to spend, then look at the area that you are looking to purchase in, then look at the clients/renters that you are looking to gain.

There are some concerns with customers/renters as to whether they will care for the home adequately or if they will pay the rent that they are required to pay. There are screening processes available for  clients that will give you a good idea of their renting history and will let you know if they will be a good match for your property. A professional screening process will eliminate many renter headaches and the need for evictions.

Landlord and Property Management Services Tampa.

We specialize in dealing with problem tenants.

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Rental Property Management Tampa Bay Area

Landlord and Property Management Services Tampa.

Renting a House in Pasco County Florida is Very Affordable

Renting a home in Pasco County, Florida is a luxury that you can afford.  Monthly rental rates on homes are affordable and are very low in Pasco County. Pasco County is a beautiful Florida county that is known for its beauty and for its many wonderful, fun activities.  You can afford to live in this beautiful, fun loving county.  Pasco County is very close to the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Ocean waters are just minutes away when you live in this gorgeous county.

Imagine living just minutes from the ocean where you have unlimited access to fun, swimming, sunshine, water sports and lifelong memories. Improve your health as you live and play in this intoxicatingly beautiful county. The joy and peaceful living can improve your health as you access the many parks where walking, jogging and bike ridding is safe and enjoyable. Breath easier in the sea salt air and enjoy the sunshine of Pasco County. And all these beautiful attributes are available with a low cost of living and low monthly rental rates on homes. You can rent a home in Pasco County, Florida for a low, affordable monthly payment. Choose a home that you can afford and enjoy. Homes with one to four bedrooms are available for selection. You can find the perfect home for you and your family in Pasco County, Florida.

Gorgeous nature views from the front porch of your rented home in Pasco, Florida will fill your eyes with peaceful living.  Live just fifty miles from Orlando, Florida and just minutes from the city life offered in Tampa, Florida.  Enjoy the best of both worlds as you commute to work in Tampa and rent a home in the tranquility of Pasco County, Florida.

 Pasco offers the southern hospitality of country living with the city benefits of golfing, and live shows at Community Play Houses. This is a county that offers the breathtaking beauty of Florida Springs and the joy of water sports such as jet skiing, swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling.

Rent a home in Pasco County, Florida and enjoy beauty, tranquility and the close accessibility to major cities and areas such as Tampa, Florida and Orlando, Florida. Housing is affordable and many homes are available for rent in the beautiful Pasco County.  Pristine beauty, spectacular sunsets, and starry nights in huge open skies are all wonderful reasons to rent a home in Pasco County, Florida

Property Management Tampa - Pricing

Plan 1 - We find you a great tenant.

1 Month rent for finding a great tenant.

Plan 2 - We only collect the rent money for you.

7% of rent for tenant relations. (When collected from tenant).

50% of late fees (When collected from tenant).

100% of Eviction Notice fees (When collected from tenant).

Plan 3 - We collect the rent and coordinate the repairs.

10% of rent for tenant relations. (When collected from tenant).

50% of late fees (When collected from tenant).

100% of Eviction Notice fees (When collected from tenant).

18% for use of brokers money for repairs.

No tenant lease renewal fee.

Equal Housing Oppertunity

Property Management Tampa

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