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02. Property Management Tampa - Rent Collection

Property Management Tampa - Rent Collections

My tenant will not pay rent in Tampa Florida. What can I do?

Situations in which tenants simply refuse to pay rent money are depressingly common for landlords. While many tenants live in fear of falling short on their rent money, getting people to actually pay late rent payments is harder than it looks for landlords. Often times, landlords will resort to two basic strategies, neither of which are going to be very effective:

1. They will ignore the problem. Some tenants will run into landlords who barely seem to react when they just stop paying the rent. Landlords in this situation are more or less hoping that the problem will simply resolve itself in some way. They might just be hoping that their errant tenants are eventually going to move out on their own. They might also be living in hope that the current situation is just a temporary problem, and the tenants in question are going to give them the rent money when they're ready.

The passive approach is rarely going to be effective. For one thing, tenants who refuse to pay are often baiting their landlords, trying to wait and see how long their landlords are willing to give them. Landlords who are overly patient are going to give tenants the impression that they can get away with very late payments, and tenants who are prone to late payments at the best of times will just extend this imaginary deadline further. Landlords should know that these situations can literally go on for years. Not all tenants have shame. They're not going to move out of a situation that seems to be favoring them. If they feel that they've found themselves in the company of an unusually tolerant landlord, they will know full well that they're unlikely to find an arrangement like that elsewhere, and they will be that much less likely to rock the boat by moving.

2. Landlords will respond to the problem with aggression. This strategy is going to be relatively common. A lot of landlords are simply going to be fed up with tenants that always have excuses, and they are going to try to establish a position of dominance with their tenants. Sadly, the power differential between tenants and their landlords has always been more complicated than that. The landlords might have the keys, and they might be the rightful owners of the property in question, but the tenants know that the eviction process can be complicated and time-consuming and that many landlords would prefer to avoid it altogether.

There's also the fact that anytime anyone lets a person into his or her property, that person is going to have a certain degree of power over them. Some angry or bitter tenants take out their frustrations on their landlords by causing property damage. While it is possible to take legal action in these cases, making this legal action pay off is going to be trickier. Tenants who are constantly late on payments, especially if they seem to stop paying altogether, are already hurting the profit margins of their landlords. If they cause any expensive property damage at the same time, the situation is going to be very difficult for landlords to deal with in the long run.

Landlords who approach the situation aggressively right from the start are also going to burn themselves out that much more rapidly. Starting off by approaching the situation passively is going to be frustrating, but at least landlords in that situation will be able to escalate the conflict. Landlords who started by being aggressive aren't going to have any room to go when it's time to exercise more dominance. Uncooperative tenants are going to realize this at some level. They're already essentially challenging their landlords by refusing to pay their bills and refusing to move, living there effectively rent-free all the while. Landlords have to be able to respond to the challenge effectively, which isn't going to happen if they expend all of their resources early in the game.

Every month that goes by with a tenant who isn't paying the rent is another month in which a landlord could have received rent money from a much more reliable tenant. Opportunity cost is a problem in every business, but it can get particularly frustrating in the real estate business, where bad tenants can cost landlords thousands of dollars, and replacing them with good tenants can be tricky.

Property Management Tampa - Rent Collection

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100% of Eviction Notice fees (When collected from tenant).

Plan 3 - We collect the rent and coordinate the repairs.

10% of rent for tenant relations. (When collected from tenant).

50% of late fees (When collected from tenant).

100% of Eviction Notice fees (When collected from tenant).

18% for use of brokers money for repairs.

No tenant lease renewal fee.

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Rental Property Management Tampa - Rent Collection.

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